The Humane Society of the United States estimates

  • One un-spayed female dog and her offspring can produce 11,167 puppies per year.
  • One un-spayed female cat and her offspring can produce 60,000 kittens per year.
  • One unaltered female dog and her off-spring can produce 67,000 dogs in only 6 years.
  • A spayed or neutered animal will live a longer, healthier life​.​
  • Neutering a male cat or dog before six months of age prevents testicular cancer and prostate disease.
  • Spaying a female cat or dog helps prevent pyometra (a pus-filled uterus) and breast cancer
  • Nationally, 80% of the dogs hit by cars are unaltered males searching for mates.
  • Many aggression problems with male dogs can be avoided by early neutering.
  • As many as 25% of dogs entering shelters each year are purebreds.
  • Puppies and kittens are lovable, but many are turned into shelters when these animals grow up and people lose interest.


Offered by SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare and the Aiken County Animal Shelter

  • PAWS spay and neuter services are done at the SPCA and other low cost spay neuter centers.
  • If you qualify* for a low cost, no cost spay/neuter, arrangements will be made for you to bring your pet to the SPCA. Transportation provided for those in need.
  • Vouchers are also given out monthly at the Aiken County Animal Shelter and appointments are made to take your pet to the SPCA.
  • These Vouchers are funded by Aiken County and supplemented through donations to PAWS SNYP Program.


Qualifications based upon income, number of animals, number of people in your household, etc.

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