Volunteer 2


Any and all skills needed and appreciated!
Think you don’t have a skill that we can use? Think again!
Were you an Educator?
A- Stay-At Home Mom with Kids that could
benefit from Volunteering with you?
How about a project for Home Schooled
Are you retired or still working but need
something else to help make your life
more meaningful?
Can you write thank you notes, talk to
people, laugh and feel good about doing
something that matters? Then be a part
of the PAWS team!



(SPAY Neuter Your Pet)

We assist with the Aiken County Voucher program for
Low Cost/No Cost Spay/Neuter Services for
those in need.

We often need Team Leaders in various areas to assist
with scheduling groups of animals to be brought to or
picked up from surgery at the Aiken SPCA.


Like meeting people?
PAWS plans to attend a number of small group events
to provide information about Low Cost/No Cost
Spay/Neuter Services, the benefits of spaying
and neutering your pet and Heartworm prevention.


PAWS connects dogs in nee with temporary foster
homes until they can be transported North to a
trusted Rescue Group who will find them a forever
Need a little temporary love in your house?
Consider a short term foster dog or puppy.

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