PAWS credo is that we cannot kill, or shelter, our way out of the problem of unwanted, abused, or neglected animals. We believe, by working together, that we can assure every healthy and treatable companion animal the right to live a good life.

Palmetto Animal Welfare Services, Inc. (hence, “PAWS”) emerged among a team of players in the local animal welfare arena. PAWS is not tied to any facility; therefore, it can be all mission and almost no overhead.

The Mission: Unwanted pet prevention and well-homed pet retention.

PAWS’S central outcome will be to identify, align and commit all available resources to spay and neuter every available dog and cat in Aiken County. Ancillary to that mission is to help animals stay in good homes they already have. PAWS will work with and among existing animal welfare organizations, coordinating, collaborating, communicating, and building alliances that maximize the efficient and effective use of precious resources like time, energy and money.

PAWS for a moment. PAWS now. We need your ideas, energy and donations. Let us give you PAWS. If you would like to make a donation to PAWS low-cost-no-cost Spay/Neuter Your Pet program (SNYP) you can:

  • Send a check to PAWS * P.O. Box 392 * Aiken, SC 29802
  • Donate online: Click Here

Join up. Seriously consider contributing to PAWS, or to the Spay/Neuter and rescue effort of your choosing. Just write SNYP (Spay/Neuter Your Pet) on the Pay-to line.

Please, PAWS for thought. PAWS for the cause!
Contact us:

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